Comparison of the yield of extraction methods

A problem: Underutilization of oregano extraction potential 

Purpose and benefits: When comparing the richness, the main differences in the UV-VIS spectra were identified between the ethanolic and tetrafluoroethane extracts (R134a) of oregano extract. The results of the comparison are shown graphically, where different values can be observed. Significant representation of substances in the 200-300 range nm, 340–400 nm, 580–700 nm in the ethanol extract of oregano with a yield over 8 %, while in the tetrafluoroethane extract dissolved in ethanol there is little significant difference, only in the region of 700– 740 nm with a yield of 0.47 %.  

Based on spectrophotometric measurements, we can say that the aqueous and ethanol extracts appear as optimal alternative. Which is shown in the following table. The table shows how many times the extraction is ethanol and water more efficient than R134a extraction. The alternative is the amount of input material in grams that need to be extracted to achieve the same amount of extract.

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