-Development of cosmetics-

Our company

brings innovative research solutions in the field of hair and skin care. All research and development activities rely on the power of medicinal plants, which bring results into products that can offer a complete range of solutions

  • Cosmetic specialties: active substances, sensory emulsifiers, functional ingredients, fine surfactants, preservative solutions;

  • Research and innovation laboratory: high-quality and customized formulations;

  • Product marketing support: internal regulatory, packaging and graphic services.

Our knowledge

in the field of personal care are highly rated by our customers. We work with dermatologists, beauty salons, cosmetics and chemistry experts to constantly monitor consumer needs and be innovative and proactive.

Main goal

of our in-house research and development activities is to enhance the properties of natural and functional ingredients into unique blends and proprietary formulas that provide our customers with effective skin care products based on the latest knowledge in dermatology and medical aesthetics.

Besides that

We deliver by hand produced fragrant herbal gel, which has astringent, healing, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, hemostatic, soothing, regenerative, and toning effects. 

The secret of the power of this gel originates precisely in the purity and content quality of its herbs, because only these have a higher effectiveness. Every single step of the work in growing these herbs is accompanied by the experience and love of people who have been working with them for years, and their energy is transferred to the herbs themselves. Everything fits together beautifully – soil preparation, sowing, harvesting and drying at high altitude and, last but not least, the expertise of qualified professionals in the laboratory combined into one. 

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