Innovative service

A problem: Inadequate use of the potential of medicinal plants and their biologically active substances by growers and processors of medicinal plants in the context of the added value of the final product.

Purpose and benefits: Through market research, we want to find out whether the new service has commercial potential. The offered service will start an increase in added value and support an increase in sales, profit and innovation performance in the entire customer segment.

Compliance of the Innovation Project with the selected category of eligible activities and the category of eligible IP expenses: Market research for an innovative service with the aim of determining market demand for a service that will help increase sales, profit and innovative performance of Slovak companies.

How the solution will work in practice after the implementation of the project: Based on the information obtained from the market research, we want to launch a new service focused on the analysis of the sufficient use of biologically active substances from medicinal plants and proposals for their better use and increasing the added value of the final products. The unique added value of the offered service is an innovative view of medicinal plants or crops, with the help of which it will be possible to innovate final products and start innovative performance, increasing sales and profits of Slovak companies.

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